SpecKranService Logistics is more than an international transport company: it is about documents, route optimization, supplier selection and turnkey procurement of cargo, specialized and construction equipment

About company
Our team has been working in the market since 2008. We help both big business and private clients with international transportation. Through our efforts, municipal, road construction equipment, excavators, bulldozers and other equipment, including drilling and equipment for airports, were brought to Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia. The company "SpecKranService Logistics" was created to help customers find reliable suppliers or quickly check the quality of cargo in any country of the European Union, America, Asia, the Middle and Far East, the Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine.
Find Suppliers
"SpecKranService Logistics" works directly with equipment manufacturers, and also constantly monitors used equipment on the market. In a short time, we will be able to offer the client profitable purchase options, according to the budget.
Check the quality of goods abroad
Our team collaborates with professionals around the world for quick technique assessment abroad. We will be able in the short term find out in detail the condition of a particular equipment, inform the client about the status. If the terms don't work for the client, we offer alternative options for purchasing equipment.
Search and purchase of equipment
We can also select the necessary equipment, according to the client's request, without burdening with additional terminology and a variety of models on the market. We realize the search and purchase on a turnkey basis in a short time, explaining to the client our choice and advantages of the purchase.
Our team organizes delivery of any complexity from anywhere in the world: we optimize delivery costs and paperwork.

We belong to the Guild Representatives, so we will quickly resolve any issue and find out the status of paperwork.
You will be satisfied with us, because SKS Logistics is
  • individual approach to the client;
Our team has been on the market for more than 10 years, so it is easy to imagine ourselves on each client's place and understand the issues that may be of concern, therefore, before starting the tasks, we don't impose our conditions on the client, but adapt to him.

  • absence of risks;
SKS Logistics has highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. We will calculate and close all risks in advance so that the client remains as satisfied as possible with the cooperation.

  • broad geography;
If the best option is not found in Europe, you can always find it anywhere in the world. We operate on the territory from the seaports of the Far East to seaports in the Baltic Sea.

  • orientation on long-term partnership;
We don't spend money on advertising, because every client recommends us to their partners.
Additional opportunities
SKS Logistics is part of a group of companies that organizes the transportation of bulky, oversize and dangerous cargo from abroad and prepares the necessary documentation.
We can answer both general questions on Foreign Economic Activity and customs clearance of goods,
and give a more detailed explanation after reviewing draft foreign trade contracts. We will talk about how the declaration, certification and obtaining permits (including OTTC and MVSC) are carried out.
Choosing the best route
We will select the most profitable delivery method for the client and organize transportation by road, rail and sea with the choice of the best route. All types of road haulage are used (semi-trailer truck, low loader, cistern, special vehicles), all types of overseas transportation (RO-RO, all types of containers, bulk carriers) and railway platforms
of all types. It is also possible to organize urgent cargo transportation by air.
Delivering cargo
We can even deliver cargo door-to-door ("from the supplier's door to the customer's door").
Сonfirming necessary paperwork for transportation
Our team will prepare a complete set of paperwork in all customs regimes (import, export, processing, temporary import, supplies etc.). We also ensure the reliability of delivery due to the preliminary declaration of goods and vehicles with remote control of the delivery of cargo.
How we work
Stage 1. Consultation.
The client can contact us by phone indicated below in the contacts or via email. A specialist will contact him for an individual consultation. We are interested in understanding why it is necessary to take certain actions, therefore we provide 100% information support.
Stage 2. Elaboration of the order.
According to the wishes and requests of the client, we approve an action plan, form a team, sign the necessary documents and get to work.
Stage 3. Logistics and delivery
SKS Logistics is a part of a group of companies that deals with supply logistics and paperwork, so our clients have no need to worry about purchasing and delivering cargo in every step of cooperation.
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